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We are offering selected lessons from both courses as a FREE taster of the e-learning.  Some of those lesson reference the books, which depending on your choice of fully digital (e-learning only version with e-books), or print and digital mix (self-study course box set with high-quality printed course books and access to online lessons). These are offered on our global e-learning site.

Featuring in Both COB Certified E-Commerce & E-Business Manager Courses

  • Introduction to E-Commerce (Meet the The Certificate in Online Business founder, and gain some interesting e-commerce business growth statistics)
  • Elements of a Successful Store-front
  • Search Engine Optimisation (A powerful non-technical explanation of how SEO works, with some expert know-how)
  • Twitter for Business (Learn how to gain Twitter followers and engage your audience organically)

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E-Commerce Lessons

COB Certified E-Commerce Manager Exclusive Lesson

  • Web Merchandising Workshop 2 (Get a flavour of what you will gain from your Web Merchandising lesson in the COB Certified E-Commerce Manager E-Learning Course)

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COB Certified E-Business Manager Exclusive Lessons

E-Business Course Demos

  • Achieving Ultimate E-Business (Get an overview of what you need in order to achieve ultimate e-business)
  • E-Business Strategy, Planning & Management Quiz (Test your elementary knowledge)

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 E-Commerce Quiz


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Take our short interactive e-commerce quiz, to see how you score on the fundamentals.

Our beginners quiz has 20 short multiple choice or short answer questions

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